Itineraries to live

A territory rich in history, with an extraordinary archaeological and artistic heritage, immersed in natural beauty, today presents itself to the visitor through an extremely interesting and articulated cultural proposal within the “Beyond Rome” project.
A journey to discover the places of the Museumgrandtour” was created thanks to funding from the Lazio Region.

In fact, for the first time, the Castelli Romani and Prenestini Museumgrandtour is offering its loyal public, but above all those who do not yet know these places and are curious to discover them, decidedly captivating itineraries, all to be experienced, where the collections and the numerous sites of interest are told through unusual interpretations. From the boundless panorama of the fortresses, narrators of art and science, the gaze moves to that painted landscape that so deeply fascinated travelers and artists of the Grand Tour.

The stories of artisans, farmers, and cyclops then alternate with other stories which, following in the footsteps of a storyteller par excellence like Cicero, lead us to the places of ancient and modern otium.

To amaze the little ones, don’t miss the exciting stage that winds through old railways transformed into a museum and toy trains. For those in search of exquisitely archaeological itineraries, the System offers urban itineraries, “sounding” cities, and life-size fossil remains.

Beyond Rome, therefore, there is a rich and vital territory, capable of holding unexpected and astonishing surprises.

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