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The geographic area on which the Museumgrandtour Territorial Museum System stands, wide and diversified, involves over 20 cultural services including museums and archaeological sites and a population of about 200,000 inhabitants in an area close to Rome, with respect to which it nevertheless affirms its own identity. An inequality that is highlighted thanks to the potentially high tourist attractions, the widespread richness of the cultural and anthropological heritage, the suggestion of the landscape, which still offers glimpses of uncontaminated beauty, made extraordinary by those historical-archaeological stratifications that have transformed it over time into a real unicum.

The museums of the system, with their collections rich in testimonies and artifacts of extreme interest, express, and document the history of the territory in a chronological arc that starts from the geological eras and covers the stages of human evolution on a journey through time.

The different types of museums: archaeological, historical-artistic, demo-ethno-anthropological, scientific, and religious; offer the visitor a profoundly heterogeneous offer in which the approach to knowledge of cultural heritage is mediated by multidisciplinary educational equipment and activities, guided tours and technological tools capable of attracting the interest of a diverse and demanding public. Added value to the visit is given by the monumental residences – often enriched by precious furnishings and decorative elements – that house the museum exhibits.