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Castle Vecchio of Colleferro

Immersed in the lush municipal park, the Castle of Colleferro or Castle Vecchio (“Old Castle”) is a building that dates back to the XIII century.

The fortified stronghold was erected by the Conti Family, and then passed to the Salviati and later to Doria Pamphili who ultimately changed its intended use, turning it into a hamlet during the XVII century. The complex consisted of units set up around a central court and delimited by an external rectangular perimeter.

The Castle was destroyed in 1431 by troops led by the soldier of fortune Giacomo da Caldora, sent by the queen of Naples Giovanna II d’Angiò-Durazzo. At the time the stronghold, along with the Castle of Piombinara, served a defensive function for the Sacco Valley, protecting both Artena and Valmontone.

The building, owned by the Comune of Colleferro, currently preserves part of the wall and the structure of the palace along with the court, the church, the tower keep and some remarkable structural evidence of buildings from the Roman era, like a polygonal masonry terracing and buildings from the high middle ages like the remains of the Church of S. Barbara.

The Castle is part of a larger recovery project carried out by the Comune of Colleferro, which includes the redevelopment of the 8-hectare park where pedestrian paths have been created and the limestone quarry has been recovered to be used for performances and cultural events.

Please contact the Archeological Museum of the Toleriense territory of Colleferro for specific information about guided tours.