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The Wine Museum of Monte Porzio Catone

Monte Porzio Catone
Piazza Trieste, 11-13

Opening hours

Tuesday: 10.00am / 1.00pm
Monday: 4.00pm / 9.00pm
Thursday: 4.00pm / 9.00pm
Friday: 4.00pm /9.00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 / 09.00pm


Full price 4,00 €
Reduced price 3,50€


Tel 3311260841

The Wine Museum of Monte Porzio Catone, located in Piazza Trieste, was inaugurated on April 12th 2024. Formerly known as the “Museo diffuso del Vino”, the museum was temporarily closed and later found its new location in the old gallery where the train for Monte Compatri used to transit.

The museum complex includes the former STEFER building of the “Società delle Tramvie e Ferrovie Elettriche di Roma” (Rome’s Tramway and Electrical Railway Society), junction of the Fiuggi-Alatri-Frosinone line and its branches in 1941. This building, subjected to a  protection bond by the Cultural Heritage Commission, presents two floors: a ground floor with a museum coffee bar and sampling area, and an upper floor, with rooms dedicated to audiovisual showings and multimedia content.

The museum’s exhibition in the gallery was designed to include the lasting bond that has always tied the city of Monte Porzio Catone to wine culture. Along the itinerary are displayed renovated, historical artifacts closely connected to the cultivation of grapes and to wine-making. The various tools and equipment, divided in thematic areas, illustrate the entire wine making production chain: from grapevine farming to harvesting grapes, from permutation to wine bottling, from aging in barrel to transporting the finished product.

The Museum is open to the public and offers guided tours and educational activities, in addition to arranging lectures, tastings and introductory courses to wine.